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Kitchen Quartz in and near Estero Florida

Kitchen Quartz in Estero

Quartz is a beautiful engineered stone that many people select to have as their kitchen counter tops. Because it is specially engineered, you have many more colors to choose from that allows you to get a more precise look for your kitchen. There are many pros to having quartz in your home. Over pretty much any other type of counter-top you may choose, quartz is non-porous and is not as susceptible to stains or scratching. We work with a product called Cambria; this is 98% pure quartz. It is a very durable stone, bacteria free, as well as burn resistant.

You can set hot pots and pans on it and it will not hurt the stone. The beauty of this is that the color is very consistent, and we are able to make seams disappear much easier. It is an American made product with endless benefits and we have the capabilities to get this beautiful stone in your home! It adds a rich and contemporary look to your space, and is an excellent choice for any kitchen.

We will work with your budget, your space, your layout and your preferences to give you the best possible options for your kitchen. We look forward to showing you all the color options and talking through the process so that you can have the counter tops you have always wanted.

Kitchen Quartz Estero FL Estero Kitchen Quartz
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