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Kitchen Flooring Wood in and near Estero Florida

Kitchen Flooring Wood in Estero

Have you already made your pros and cons list for your wood flooring? When working with us, we want to go over both with you before you make the decision to put in wood flooring. First off, what are your habits? Do you have kids or a couple dogs? Do you get water on your floors frequently? Wood flooring may not be the option for you in this case, but we have options!

If you want that wood look without worrying about the damage, we have a porcelain tile or a LVP (luxury vinyl plank.) This tile is more resistant against water and still gives you that beautiful wood look.  This is a top choice for many families that do not want to worry about potential stains, scrapes and scratches that occur on most wood floors.

If you find that you are not in your kitchen a lot and want to use it mostly for company or just for show, you can definitely move forward in peace with installing wood flooring. It totally depends how often you use the space and what you use it for. Ask yourself, is it practical? Wood can scratch easily. What kind of furniture do you have? These are things to ask yourself, and things we will ask you when we go through this process with you.

When we install the wood flooring, we make sure to do it as precisely as possible.  Wood flooring can be absolutely beautiful and add just the touch that you want to your home when done properly.  We will go over what to do once it is installed, how to clean and maintain it, and what to do if it needs repair.

Kitchen Flooring Wood Estero FL

Kitchen Flooring Wood

Estero Kitchen Flooring Wood
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